How can I help?

There are 4 major ways you can help and be involved.

1) Pray for Chris  and the family and friends that surround this precious family, that they may find strength, peace, courage and wisdom through this horrific tragedy.  You may also join a group who is praying every evening at 7:00pm on FB: Facebook Prayer Group

2) If you would like to tangibly help, there are multiple opportunities to help give financially to Chris, to support the upcoming weeks and months, and unforeseen costs: Ashley & Lennon Picco Memorial Fund

3) Finally, if you’d like to keep updated with how things are going, or would like to share your condolences with Chris and family, please visit Ashley & Lennon Picco CaringBridge.
*PLEASE note, any donations given on will NOT go to Chris, but rather are donations made to the support of 

4) Finally, if you’d like to send physical condolences, cards, gifts, etc., please address them to:
Chris Picco
c/o Garden Pediatrics
101 E. Redlands Blvd, Suite 106
Redlands, CA 92373

Again, on behalf of Chris, the family and all the friends, we thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  We trust and know God is listening to each and every one of them, and holds Chris and baby Lennon in His hands.

74 thoughts on “How can I help?

  1. Lovely, fitting and elegant site; honors a lovely and elegant young woman and her legacy. Thank you for designing this.

  2. I’ve never met you, Chris, but I’m deeply touched by your story. I am so sorry for your loss. Blessings and peace to you from SC. “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

  3. Chris, I’ve never met you, but I feel a connection with you as my husband and I have joined in prayer daily for your situation. The loving Father shares your sorrow and will carry you through this difficult time. Even calling it “difficult” doesn’t express the weight that you are experiencing. I see now why the Father wants this whole battle of the great controversy to finish, so we can all meet on that sea of glass together. Stay strong the evil one HAS BEEN DEFEATED! Our family will continue to pray for you. Lovingly, Mary

  4. Such a wonderful website and beyond beautiful words. Your story has touched me so deeply. Know that countless people are thinking of you, praying for you, and wishing you peace. Although words of comfort cannot begin to ease the pain you are feeling, you are not alone. Prayers and blessings to you. Lots of love and hugs from Washington State.

  5. Chris, may God continue to keep you close to his heart and wrapped in his loving arms. Just from the video and your kind words, i can tell you are a young man of faith. I will continue to pray for you and the family, and we know that God does not make mistakes, he chose a lovely,beautiful and warm angel to join him in heaven. I know you will miss her dearly, but please try to remember we know you loved her, but God loved her more!

  6. I do not know you, but I am so sorry for your losses. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. I am praying for you and your family.

  7. My deepest condolences. I really hope the messages on this help you eventually heal from your loss. A huge hug from Queens, NYC

  8. My thoughts are with you so much. I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful family. There is no way out, but through.

  9. Chris,
    I cannot possibly begin to understand the incredible loss you must be feeling. I only know that both of your precious loved ones are looking down on you from Heaven and sending you SO much love and joy with long outstretched arms!
    God will wrap all of you in his love….continue to have faith and strength will come.
    With deep sympathy….

  10. I viewed the video of you playing and singing Blackbird to Lennon and I saw photos of you with him. In the short time you had, you were a fine father to him. Being a good father, for a short time or a long time, is as pure, courageous and noble a thing a man can do. I am so sorry for your losses.

  11. Many Prayers coming from Los Angeles. thank you for having the strength to share your beautiful loving story of your family.very sorry for your loss Chris.

  12. Praying for these beautiful people. God will provide through all circumstances both uplifting and the difficult. God bless.

  13. I to lost my son Joshua Mitchell at the same age as Lennon. Five years before lost my daughter Angel Ann at 33 weeks & my husband due to car accident . My thoughts &prayers are with you & all that loved these precious lives.God will give you strength & hold you in the palm of his hand. Love is eternal

  14. Chris- I don’t know you, and unlike you I wasn’t lucky enough to know your beautiful wife and son, and I know this may not be helpful to you right now but I want you to know that I have seen lives go on and flourish in beautiful and unexpected ways in the face of insurmountable loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers and you and your family are inspiring me to live a little fuller and to remind myself of the things that are really important in life. You clearly have an amazing musical gift, and a lot of love to give, and I hope you continue to show the world both.

  15. I am so sorry for you and your family. I can’t say any words to ease the pain. I saw your video. I can say I lost my twin boys at 24 weeks and if u read this and need just to talk I am just a email away. I have learned we are not alone in this journey. I will continue to ask that u find strength during this terrible time. Stay strong.

  16. Chris,
    I am so sorry for your losses. Please stay strong, know that you, your wife, and son have my prayers.

  17. I am so very sorry to hear of your tremendous loss. Prayers are sent to help you thorough this difficult time. My god hold you close to him and provide you with peace and love.
    I am sure that your beautiful music brought peace, comfort and love to your son. Rise up, stay strong. Love and hugs to you.

  18. Im so incredibly sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and always remember that your wife and child are together and waiting for you in heaven.

  19. For Ashley, Chris, Baby Lennon and everyone who loves them. Your devotion and warmth jumps right off the page. I am so sorry for your loss and wish I could envelope all of you in hugs.

    This Emily Dickinson quote is one of my favorites and it feels at home here.

    “Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.”

    Sending prayers and love from Washington, DC.

  20. Chris,
    Thank you for sharing the most precious moments of your lives with us. Your ability to share your love in words and music with so many is truly amazing to me. I am honored to get a glimpse of all of your lives, and am reminded of the depth of tragedy and the appreciation of love, all that there is. God bless you. Love and prayers coming your way.

  21. I stumbled upon this from our local news here in Idaho. Being a california native myself, i couldn’t help but feel drawn to this unbelievably tragic story. My heart goes out to Chris and the family and friends of Ashley and Lennon. I hope to anyone who reads this no longer takes life for granted and holds on to their children even more closely. I know my daughter will be getting extra love tonight. God bless you.

    “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

    – J

  22. Listening to your Blackbird and feeling your endless love toward them, your beloved wife and son now rest in peace in your heart and ours. As a father of a son myself, your story reminded me of that family is priceless. Be well and they are in your heart, always. -From Seoul, Korea

  23. Chris my eyes are all full with tears my face is a wash with a river running down it. Words can’t start to say what I what to say.I’m so happy you had 4 beautiful days with your baby boy. This you will always have in your heart. And to your beautiful wife she would be very proud of you. As life moves on I hope you will keep your head high and keep on going living the way she would have wanted. Please take care of your self and remember there are people in this world who will help you on your journey because we care and feel your loss even all the way down in Perth Western Australia.

  24. Chris my eyes are all full with tears my face is a wash with a river running down it. Words can’t start to say what I want to say.I’m so happy you had 4 beautiful days with your baby boy. This you will always have in your heart. And to your beautiful wife she would be very proud of you. As life moves on I hope you will keep your head high and keep on going living the way she would have wanted. Please take care of your self and remember there are people in this world who will help you on your journey because we care and feel your loss even all the way down in Perth Western Australia.

  25. Just wanted to say that I can not even begin to imagin what your going through right now but first of all I heard your story on 94.5 the buzz from Houston from the dj AD. And the first thing I did was I went home and hugged my wife, son and daughter and let lem know exactly how much they ment to me. I’m sorry to hear about your loss and I just want you to know that if there is anything that I can do for you from here in Houston Texas than please let me know. I wish that I could be there personally to help with the emotional distress because I know what it’s like to suddenly and tradgicly lose some one, I gAve an for them. By that I mean an entire tatooed sleeve. So if you need some one to talk to just email me bro. I just recently found my higher power per-say and I will be sure to pray to him for you. I have never been one to believe in praying to god for something In which you have the power to achieve for yourself , but I promise you that I will pray for you every chane I get

    With best love
    Brian Christopher Bohm

  26. I have never felt such pain as watching you sing to your Son. I have a 1 year old and I don’t know what I’d do if that happened to my wife and my son. Time heals wounds and this may take longer than any other, but remember they loved you, even for the short time your son was on this planet, and that song resonates through the eternity he is now in. You are beautiful, and I hope you have support and family, friends all around you to comfort this.

    Love from Canada.

  27. Dear Chris, I don’t know you but your strength is a miracle in itself. To hear you sing during that time is a revelation. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, as you said yourself, there are no words. I will keep you and Ashley and Lennon in my prayers always.

  28. We’ve never met you, but my husband and I are so devastated for you. You will be in our thoughts and prayers for the season to come. What a great loss. We’re so sorry. All our love and prayers that the God of comfort draws so so near to you now.

  29. Chris and Family,
    My heart goes out to you. I went unexpectedly into premature labor at 23 weeks in 2011 in my home. Luckily, she was not breach, and was able to be born at home before hemorrhaging occurred. We both survived; however, it changed my life forever. My daughter spent over 5 months in the NICU and it was a long road for the both of us. Through everything, I had to put it in God’s hands and have faith. I see through you postings that you have a strong faith in God and you can move forward from anything with that. My deepest sympathy for your loss and a multitude of prayers as you heal from this tragedy.

  30. May they be your shining lights for years to come and may they rest in peace. My prayers are with you and your loved ones.

    Love and Light from Mexico.

    Sa Chit Ananda Om.

  31. Praying for you Chris, and the family and friends of both you, Ashley and Lennon.
    I wish that both your beautiful wife and precious son had had a different ending, however, it warms my heart to know that they are together in heaven. They will be around you and in your heart for eternity.

    You will never be alone Chris as you have your family, friends, the public and your perfect little family with you always and forever.

    Sending you much love from all of Australia.

    God bless you.

  32. I am sorry for your loss. There are no words. I will pray for you all.

    I’m mother of three children and I can’t imagine your pain.

    I’m sending lots of love, hugs and support to you and your family from Finland.

  33. How incredibly generous of you, Chris, to share your story and beautiful video with the world. In times like these, I think of the analogy that says life is like a beautiful tapestry, woven by God, but while we’re on earth we see it from behind, with knots and tangles and threads going every which way. Many times it doesn’t make sense. But in the end, when we join Him in Heaven we will be able to see the tapestry from the front and all its beauty will be revealed. You have many, many people praying for you, I hope you can find comfort in this. Take care.

  34. In reading all these posts, it is extraordinary to be reminded that there are genuinely compassionate, caring, giving, living & breathing people in our world and most of all, the way God is a never-failing, loving, mighty, pillar of eternal strength in sustaining our hearts to continue on when we can only feel the suffocating, all-consuming crushing pain of permanant loss that seems unreal., This world is not our home and the people we are so blessed to be with, even for a short time, is worth an eternity of joy!

  35. çok üzgünüm..içimden geçenleri ortak dilnizden yazamıyorum ama..acınıza ortağım..minik bebeğin ve güzel annenin yolu ışık olsun..orada huzurlu olsunlar…size da zaman ve sabır dilyorum..zaman herşeyin ilacıdır.. 🙁

  36. Chris, I am so, so sorry for your pain. What brutal losses! My twin sons were also born at 24 weeks. Ewan passed away at 75 days old. I have always thought of “Blackbird” as his song. Now, when I sing it, think, it, pray it to my son, I will include Lennon as well. I am so glad that you are surrounded by loving family and community. I pray that this support sustains you in the days, months, years ahead.

  37. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Ashley and Lennon are real sweethearts and so are you! Know many are thinking and praying for you in these difficult times.

  38. Chris, we are praying for strength and peace for you and your families during this difficult time.
    Love from Graeme & Elisma in Cape Town.

  39. my deepest sympathy for what you are going right now, is the pain that you feel at this time and sorry for your loss 🙁

    sorry if I wrote it is not English are habalr but sorry for your loss

  40. I truly am sorry for your loss. I pray for you and all the family. You shall all be together again! Have faith!

  41. My deepest condolences dear Chris. Just know this – Your baby and wife are in better place and they are together now.

  42. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. There are no words to sum up the beauty you experienced in their presence or the pain that you feel in their absence. Please just know that your love will continue infinitely, for that is a force too strong to be overtaken by death. I’m sending my good thoughts and hope for peace in your life.

  43. My thoughts have been with you ever since I saw your video. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I hope you can find peace in such a difficult time. Know that you did everything you could do.

  44. My name is Bianca and I’m from Brazil. Know that your love story has come too far and have a heart here in Brazil sending energies of light and peace to you and your family. Lennon is in the arms of Ashley certainly looking with gratitude all the love you gave to them. Be at peace, God be with you.

  45. Although I do not know you, my heart and prayers go out to Chris and the family/friends. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you all find peace and God helps heal your hearts. Sending positive prayers to you all from Hawaii.

  46. My deepest condolences.

    I’m father of a 15 month old son and I can’t imagine your pain.
    I´ve no words how sad i feel for you.
    May your wife and son rest in peace.

    Love from Germany (Bavaria)

  47. hi…. Cris….i will b dumb if i say i don’t knw….being human ur my brother… m frm india…jst came accross ur website accidently but i think God needs to help you and wants to gv u all d strength to face dis situation… i nvr visit any site n don’t belive in any site…but wen i came accross ur site sumthing stopped me frm closing d website…m a follower of Shri Amma Bhagwan..d avatats on earth…n my bhagwan speaks wid me…m not lying ok…Bhagwan is physically present wid many ppl around d world…u can google if u want…all i want to say is plz trust me once n google about “Shri Amma Bhagwan”. Many ppl around d world follow dem… dey r avatars…dey r divine… go n visit d place called “Golden temple” in Vardheipalam.

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    plz visit d temple along wid ur family, relative n frndz….i guranttee u…u’ll find ur answers n strength there…me (ur sister) is asking you to plz c yourself n experience wht life is n wht life is going to b in future..u will find peace n strength….n u cn perform ritual ceremony for ur wife n son to b in peace in heaven….

    God bless you brother
    and your wife n son rest in peace

  48. dear chris,
    i read your story and all i can say with tears running down my face is, im so sorry you lost the most precious ones in your life. Two and a half years ago i was nearly in the same situation. for a week there, both nearly went to heaven. i think about how i felt and still can’t imagine what you are feeling now. ashley would be so proud of you chris the loved she had and the love you have in your heart will continue and always will be with you forever. As for lennon, a wonderful son for a short time, though has brought you a lifetime of happiness,this bond will never be broken that you shared with him. A ashley and lennon look down upon you from heaven they will be happy to know, that you were a amazing husband and a perfect dad. this no one in the world can say otherwise…. R.I.P ashley and Lennon. and my family thoughts and prayers are with you chris all the way from australia.

  49. Chris,
    I can’t IMAGINE what you’re going through right now. I watched the video of you singing Blackbird to your son and I balled uncontrollably. You have my deepest and most heartfelt sympathy. You’re my hero! God bless you!

  50. Dear “Brother” Chris:

    I call you “Brother,” because we are ALL “Children of God” and I will not stop praying that you can feel all the Love and prayers being sent your way. No one soul should have suffered the double-Loss you are experiencing, but I pray you will know, truly know, God’s “Peace that passes understanding” and that you can again find Joy, especially in the memory of two such Special Souls you were privileged to be such a big part of and connected-to.
    May God bless you, Dear Brother, as you navigate this extremely difficult chapter of your Life, but may you know, deep in your soul, that Jesus was next to you, remains there, and ever will be in your future, through all the darkest and most difficult moments–as will LEGIONS of your Brothers and Sisters in Christ–in spirit and in prayer.
    Sending all our Love ,
    Kathy Chere and Family

  51. My brother in Christ……. my heart aches for yor loss. I wish that everyone that has expressed love and concern for you could be there in person to share your grief. Know that you are in our prayers.

  52. Mr. Chris
    I’d like to extend my sympathy. I was sorry to hear. I will pray for you all
    God bless you.
    Greetings from Turkey

  53. Hello –
    I am so touched by this precious family’s story. I am located in Southern California and would like to gift the Picco family with customized seed packet favors to be handed out at the memorial service. I can do this quickly, tastefully, beautifully and anonymously. Please have someone contact me as soon as possible. I will deliver them in person in time for the service tomorrow. Please refer to my website to verify the validity of my offering. Thank you for your consideration. God Bless and keep you all during this very difficult time.

  54. Chris, though nothing can sooth the pain of the loss you have suffered, know that Lennon felt and absorbed the music he heard, both before his birth, and when you beautifully sang to him in the hospital. As a musician and a physician I have seen first hand the power of music to move people and to heal their hearts. I pray that you will find comfort in knowing that you gave that gift to Lennon. Be well and stay strong.

  55. Very touching story! Please accept my heart felt sympathy. May the Lord fill you up with strenght and peace. Will continue to remember you in my prayers.

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  57. My heartfelt condolences to you Chris and family, may GOD comfort you during this difficult time. You are in my prayers.

  58. Sending you strength (beyond even what you displayed, which was nothing short of heroic) and the fortitude to move forward in the face of these unbelievably difficult circumstances.

    Brief joy can reverberate throughout a lifetime, and if anyone can manage to sustain it, you can. Take your love story and continue living it for those you’ve lost. Know that you’re forever loved by those you’ve lost.


    Tel Aviv, Israel

  59. I experienced the most pure and deep sadness after the loss of my child. I learned faith in the process as only that pulled me through from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day and weeks to follow. As a sensitive musical soul, I also am touched by your singing Blackbird to your baby, one of my favorite songs – I assure you your baby heard every note in the womb and out and loved it! Your family will be in my prayers for a long time.

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